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Noise - Written & Directed by Maximilian Williamson

 is the new film from writer & director Maximillian Williamson, produced by my partners on Muscle, Johnny Sanchez and Fiona Graham (who also both appear).

The story follows Ryan (Michael Rogers), caught in a stasis, then shifting through an existential crisis. I've seen both the screenplay and a handful of early stills, and even the word 'stunning' still falls short in its description. This is going to be one of those movies that - through their boldness - almost defy description.

Also returning to the set are cinematographer, Jeff Melanson and sound recordists, Emmanuel Germond, casting director, Tiffany Little Canfield (of Telsey + Company), among many others. If anything, I was sorry to miss this gig. However, just seeing what these guys have produced makes me excited for the next one.