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Web Drama: Looking for Kathleen

I recently had the opportunity to write and produce a small four-part web drama for Maria McIndoo to direct. Looking for Kathleen tells the story of Amy (played by Fiona Graham), a woman searching for her birth mother whilst tackling deep insecurities within her own marriage.

Steve Carrieri takes on the role of Amy's husband Nick, with Tina Alexis Allen as Ella. Rounding out the cast is Richard Gallagher (Orange is the New Black) as Kevin.

Fiona Graham as Amy

Steve Carrieri as Nick
Tina Alexis Allen as Ella
Richard Gallagher as Kevin
It goes without saying that from Pale Horses to Let It Go, working with Maria has been a total blast, so it's been a real pleasure to see her working on this project. The series will be debuting on Cinema Zero soon - watch this space - but in the meanwhile, be sure to check out