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Luna Park Wins Viewer Choice at LAIFF Awards

Late last summer I went to Coney Island and shot a small film with Fiona Graham and Freddie Connor.

It was one of those sticky hot New York days, where the sea breeze offers only the slightest respite. As we walked along the boardwalk, myself doing triple-duty on sound, camera and direction, I knew I had to lean back and just let these guys do their thing. hoping that we wouldn't all fall apart under the beating sun. As it was, I had nothing to worry about.

Luna Park follows Carly and Jimmy as they reconnect after 13 years apart. Jimmy's going through a divorce, whilst Carly has left her old London life far behind. As the two spend a day together, hanging out amongst the tourists and funfair rides, it's soon clear that old feelings are coming back, and that maybe, just maybe, the past can wash away in the tide.

Well, less than six months since we shot the movie, I'm really happy to announce that the film took the Viewer's Choice prize at LAIFF Awards this past weekend, out in Los Angeles. Getting a prize is always an awesome feeling of course, but when that's down to people voting for the movie, well, it's all the sweeter.

Much love to everyone who voted, and indeed, to the team who helped not only get the film put together, but also out into the world.

Here's to a few more screenings of our little movie, which I hope you'll all be seeing real soon.