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Short Films: Luna Park & Mondays

Recently, I had the good fortune of making a pair of quiet films, shot lowdown and dirty, with a crew of just one - me.

Working alongside actor and producer Freddie Connor, best known for British movies such as Baseline and The Grind, we shot Mondays and Luna Park back-to-back, over two days in New York.

Both films are produced in partnership with Finelight Films, and I'm very happy with how we managed to shot both movies shot fast.of course, it takes the right script and cast to make the project shine, and so I was thankful to reconnect with Josh Hawkins and Fiona Graham, both of whom I'd worked with previously.

Both films will be debuting on the festival circuit in 2015.

Mondays - 5 mins

Two city traders, walk the shoreline of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, late one summer eve. Mickey (Josh Hawkins), is anxious. He's convinced he's about to be found out for insider trading, and turns to his colleague and confidente, Jonny (Freddie Connor), looking for some advice on what seems like a forgone situation.

As the two men wander the rapidly gentrified streets, amongst exhausted factories, rattling advice and hope, it's clear that all is not what it seems, and that the biggest set up might be yet to come.

Luna Park - 8 mins

Thirteen years after they last saw each other, Jimmy (Freddie Connor) and Carly (Fiona Graham) are reunited on the boardwalk of Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Here, they reminisce over the lives they've had since they split, of the mistakes they made and the possibility of starting over now that they are both older and wiser.