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Elsewhere, NY Debuting at Whistler Film Festival 2014

A year ago, my good friend Jeffrey P Nesker was crashing on my couch, shooting a movie I'd written for him.

Of course, I've written before about the intensity of making the film in this way, about the joys and the dramas of what it takes to get it done, and it was a hard-fought film from beginning to end.

Well, twelve months on, and I'm very proud to announce that Elsewhere, NY will be enjoying it's world premiere at Whistler Film Festival 2014.

I'm absolutely stoked for the whole (very small) team, and I'm excited that this is the first stepping out for the movie at such as prestigious event. And of course, it's a real win for Jeff to be able to showcase his movie in his home country, Canada.

At the moment, we don't have the screening dates (that'll soon enough though), but the festival runs from December 3rd through till the 7th. I'll add an update when more details are available.