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A Cinema Zero Power Up

A Cinema Zero refresh.
It's been a little over four months since Cinema Zero first landed, but it's already outgrown itself. The numbers visiting are just amazing, and the feedback has been so positive it's a little insane, really.

Of course, what started out as a simple enough plan - showcase a single film, one at a time - is and will always be, the key focus of the site. But as the awareness of Cinema Zero has grown, so has the remit, and it's time to make everything a little easier to enjoy.

So, on July 30, to coincide with the change over to If We Just Meet from Oliver Guy-Watkins, you'll be seeing a complete refresh of the site, primarily to make it easier to get to the stuff you want.

The new layout will still be focused on the film we're screening - that's massively important, but there will be room to breathe for all the underpinning elements on the site, such as the podcasts and the distribution.

In addition, there will be some new elements introduced to ensure that Cinema Zero remains relevant and of use to all those that are interested in the films and filmmaking, primary of which is a news and features blog. It will be multi-purpose in nature, from showcasing the latest podcast, through to filmmaking articles and even occasional guest posts as well.

There'll be a few other announcements and updates coming down the road of course, but in the meantime, thanks for the continuous support for this little idea I had...