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Month One

It really is amazing what a month can do. That's how long it's been since Cinema Zero was announced, and already in that time it's been a phenomenon.

So far, we're four films deep into our schedule, and programming is far into the summer, with the autumn months closing out soon as well. From this aspect alone - proving that there was a need for such a platform - we've achieved a major goal. But the engagement numbers, that's what matters. On average, we've got an 80% return rate - that means people are coming back over and over to see what's screening and to check out the latest interviews. On that side alone, our YouTube numbers show that we've achieved over 1470 minutes of video views - that's more than a day's worth of screen time already. In addition, Video & Filmmaker informed us that the article they put out on us had in excess of 10,000 hits in it's first day online. All these numbers, for a month-old start-up, are awesome.

But this is still day one. If we don't keep the focus on making indie film better represented on the net, we've failed. 

So, as month one rounds out, I've launched the podcasts. It's early days - I'm still getting my footing being the voice (and face) of Cinema Zero, and it takes a lot of time and energy to run the gears and feed the engine behind the scene. It's funny, because I used to say that running a film festival was similar to making a movie. Well, this website is just the same, only there's no end date. And that's awesome. It means the potential is unbounded.

The schedule for release on the podcasts will be intermittent, based purely on when they're hosted (much the same as they have appeared on YouTube), and as well as talking to the filmmakers behind the films we're screening, I'm lining up conversations with some incredible luminaries from inside the film industry. I can't say much yet, but trust me, you're going to want to hear what these people have to say.

So month one will eventually become year one. I hope to be reporting back some strong then as well, but more than anything, I just hope you enjoy the movies.

Check out and remember, every day is day one.