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From Invisible Filmmaker to Independent Filmmaker

Weekend Retreat, the first film featured on Cinema Zero has been live just a few days and the numbers have been amazing.

Already, we're seeing that there's not only an appetite for a great movie (and it really is great), but there's also a hunger for a platform such as this.

To me, as one of the founders, it's amazing to see. But as a filmmaker in my own right, I'm absolutely stoked.

I know how hard it is to get any attention on a film - as well as shooting my own projects, I also spent five intense years overseeing the Bootleg Film Festival (now retired) - and just trying to get folks to watch the trailer can be tough. So to see a platform dedicated to one film at a time picking up some attention, yeah, that rocks.

The point is to help take largely undiscovered films through some of that uncertain valley between completing a festival run and finding eventual distribution. Essentially, it's about building an audience (and visibility) when no-one would otherwise see your film - which was surely the point of spending so much of the rent money and time making it.

Film discovery and distribution in the connected world is still, frankly, a mess. It shouldn't be this hard to build awareness of your film - that's why we're putting so much energy into Cinema Zero. I know we've still got a lot to figure out of course, but I'm confident that we're going in the right direction with this, and the more people know about it, the better it'll become. After all, cinema is magic.