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Post Bootleg Film Festival - The Projects We've Been Working On

It's been four months since Bootleg Film Festival came to a close, and we all said our emotional goodbyes.

When I decided to wrap it all up, I wasn't too sure what I would do next. After all, how do you beat two festivals in one year, let alone having them in two different cities across the Atlantic. But what's been truly amazing to me is how it has inspired so many others to get out and make their films. That's what this was always about.

Yet, in these handful of months, some of the people who became a part of the Bootleg family have gone on to make their own debut feature films, and I thought it worth pointing people in the right direction.

First up, there's Jeffrey P Nesker who, after many years of making ambitious short films, has crafted the raw drama, Elsewhere, NY.

The film stars Andrew Ruth, Gillian Leigh Visco and Andrew Leland Rogers and a trailer will be appearing soon. In the meantime, be sure to follow all the goings on with the film via the Elsewhere, NY Facebook page.

The other big film from the Bootleg alumni is Take it Back and Start All Over from writer & director Neil Rolland.

Set in Edinburgh, it stars Kerri Rolland, Kyle Titterton, Evie Rolland, Kate Dickie and even Neil himself. Neil's films have always had a strong voice, and this promises to be his best, most beautiful work yet. Again, you can find out more about the film and follow its progress by checking out the Take it Back and Start All Over Facebook Page, which has a plethora of behind the scenes shots and a few sneak looks at the film.

So whilst Bootleg might be over, we've all certainly been very, very busy.