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Communion - Available Now

Pretty much from the start, Communion has been a unique project that I've always been very proud to be a part of.

From getting that invitation to join the project whilst in Berlin, through to the crazy/amazing shoot, watching +Greg Hall endure the edit, the Bootleg showcases both in Edinburgh and New York and throughout the UK tour, it has been an adventure.

All credit to everyone involved - not only in getting the project realised, but also to shaking up the stagnant business of UK cinema.

The film is available now to rent on the excellent new Vimeo On Demand service (£2.50/$4.00), and I recommend you check it out. It really has been an artists-to-audience venture at every moment through the journey, and I'm so proud of what the entire team has achieved. I was a humble part of it all, and I thank Greg, Becky and Paul for inviting me along for the ride. Love to my UK film family.

Now see what the film is all about here.