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Pale Horses: Music from Pale Horses

A few days ago, I took digital delivery of the complete soundtrack of Pale Horses, crafted by the insanely talented Philip Curran.

Curran has laboured away on the music for the film all summer long, and I'm extremely excited to be laying it down on the timeline - the last touch needed before we begin our festival tour. Below is the title track (also called Pale Horses), spliced to some behind the scenes moments of the movie shoot itself.

This is a beautifully considered soundtrack, one that I'm very proud to be adding to the film, rounding out what has been an incredible journey since we started on this thing just 9 months ago.

There is a much longer story to be told in the making of Pale Horses, one that rolls in the friendships made, relationships forged and beautiful friends who were sadly lost. There were times in our own grief, some of us wondered if we had the courage to keep shooting. But, in getting to the end with this film, I think we're doing them proud. And I think I'll save the stories for another day.

For now, I'll just leave you with this truly great song which I'm certain you'll love. And be sure to check out Philip Curran's website - - where you can sample this and much more of his work, including one of the other cues from the film, appropriately entitled Coney Island. Thanks to Curran and the equally brilliant Iain Morley for their contributions to the film.