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Bootleg in NYC

A couple of years ago, I found myself on a random flight to New York, headed over to hang out for New Year.

It was one of those moments that, in the retelling, make you sound incredibly awesome and spontaneous, but in reality, was a half-dumb move combined with a ten-minute panic attack. I was meant to be in India, but it fell through like an elephant bouncing on a paper trampoline, and so one quick call to the airline and a flash of the credit card and I was going the opposite way.

Of course, it all worked out just fine in the end and I had an amazing time hanging out with my good friends as I saw in 2012 with style.

That's the thing with me and New York - we just seem to get along.

So next month, it's time to bring Bootleg to the city, and honestly, I can't wait. I'll be there with Neil Rolland (of Write Shoot Cut fame, now hustling more than ever as a director), the original Bootlegger, Jeffrey P Nesker and the rest of Team Bootleg.

Together, we'll be hanging out at TriBeCa Film Center, showing you the cream of the crop from this year's Bootleg submissions.

These include the latest from some old Bootleggers, some all new movies from some, um, new Bootleggers, and a very special return to one of my all-time favourite Bootleg films, YEAST from Mary Bronstein. And if you've ever been to a Bootleg before, you'll know that it's just an all out celebration of film and the mavericks behind them.

This is obviously the boldest Bootleg yet, but it's a fitting celebration to the ethos and the charm of what we're all about. We've grown alongside many of the filmmakers we're playing host to, and so, if not for anything else, this is our chance to say thank you everyone for believing in that other wild and rash idea I once had, starting a film festival in a coffee shop, way back in 2008.

Keep an eye on all things Bootleg at the website here: - and don't forget to buy your tickets early and help spread the word with the hashtag #BootlegNYC

Keep shining people.