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Communion Releases in London on August 1st!

Almost a year ago, I was in Berlin, keeping my head down and just doing my thing. Then, out of the blue, my filmmaking contemporary and good friend Greg Hall dropped me a line. Did I want to get involved in the production of Communion. Of course I said yes.

Now, after many months of mania, pressure, hard work and hustle, the film is set to launch in London on August 1st at the Portobello Pop Up. For the full schedule and to book a seat (it's a fiver when you book online - bargain!) head to the cinema website.

The film is picking up strong reviews already, and on top of that, Greg has taken a time out to talk about the film's distribution strategy on the Chris Jones Blog (aka the man behind the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook).

And last of all, check out the Communion trailer: