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Pale Horses: Day Two

There are definitely days in this city when you wonder what the hell you're really doing here. It can be tough, stressful, chaotic and most certainly unforgiving. And this morning, I was feeling the brunt of it all. Part of writing Pale Horses was the idea that I was going to be exploring some of those themes, so maybe there's an irony in the way the day started out.

Starting out in Brooklyn, hauling ass across the city, it was tough going, this much I know. But once I got to Astoria and checked in at the coffee shop that we used to frequent during the shoot of Vinyl, I knew it was going to be all wonderful. I found myself surrounded by people that believe in me and what I'm doing, and that's a great place to start any day.

We had to get to some emotional places today, and working that through with Allie (who plays Janis) and Joel (who plays the part of Keith) was quite something. It was a continuation of that belief and trust that led to one of the most amazing days I've ever had on a set. I've never felt such calm in watching people slowly but surely pull each other apart, knowing that, as actors, they were able to go to these places.

And again, it's the people behind the camera who helped me to bring it all to a different level. There really is just something beautiful going on when everybody believes in the same goal. Like any great moment, you wish you could bottle it and hold onto it forever. But somehow, that's the nature of filmmaking. People pushing beyond limitations to make something beyond what should be possible.