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Bootleg Interviews #1: Greg Hall

Last week, I sat down with filmmaker, Greg Hall, a few days before he finished principal photography on his latest feature film, Communion.

As many will know, I got a last minute call to be a part of the project, and it's been a fascinating two months, working with Greg and the whole team on the vast shoot. Taking a little free space in both our diaries, we managed to film a conversation, and I got to dive into his working life as a filmmaker.

This is the first in a planned series of Bootleg Interviews that have been on the cards for quite a while, so it feels good to have gotten the first one down. I'll be continuing to check in with many of the filmmakers I know, and hopefully sitting down to talk with few of them over the coming months.

I look forward to finding out from many directors, just what it takes to hustle in the independent film game, and it'll all be piped through the BBMF YouTube channel. It's also available to watch here on the Bootleg Interviews page, and we can also announce that we're also teaming up with Write Shoot Cut to host them on one of the finest film websites out there.

In the meanwhile, dig on what Greg has to say, and follow the links after the jump to see just some of the many highlights from his vast body of work.