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Shine a light - Neil Rolland.

With the Earlybird submissions closing soon for the Bootleg Film Festival in Edinburgh, I'm finding myself knee-deep in the workload, fresh from working on Communion.

Of course, this year seems to have been all about collaboration for me - something that even just a few years ago, was quite the hard thing to do. But now, as I prepare lots of things to be happening in lots of places, I'm reminded of how I couldn't achieve any of this stuff without the talented people I know.

When I met up with Neil Rolland in Edinburgh at the start of last month, our conversation soon turned to Bootleg Film Festival and Write Shoot Cut - the monthly film night and blog that Neil curates. If you haven't yet seen the site, you really should - it's quite the compelling platform for delving into the head-space of emerging writers, directors and actors (and yes, I'm shamelessly proud to say I got first entry there).

So when we got talking about a collaboration - of putting Bootleg and Write Shoot Cut in the same space next March - it seemed like the absolute perfect set-up.

But the irony in all of this? Well, Neil is the least showy, most humble guy you could ever meet. Quick to shine the praise on everyone else who deserves it, but the last to draw attention to his own work.

So, as the guy deserves for once, I just wanted to introduce the man and his work, and let you all know that you should definitely be following him on Twitter: @Neil_Rolland.

As a writer, his talent is immense, and he now running a short film writing course through Screen Education Edinburgh, as well as being one third of the Little City Pictures collective, who have several fantastic shorts and music videos already under their belts.

In addition to this, Neil has a raft of short screenplays he's seeking to share with collaborative directors, so filmmakers, take a look here:

So make some time to check out Neil's multiple projects - he really is an inspiration to know.