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The tip-jar is on the bar! Download Vinyl and pay what you want. Yes,really.

Yep, it's time to get Vinyl out to the world.

I've never been too afraid of trusting the audience for my work. You're all cultured, intelligent and respectful people, who've always been really supportive. And I love making films and writing stories. So that's why Vinyl is finally available to you all through several channels.

Sexy people tip

Available NOW

  • If you're in the States, Vinyl has been available through select 'on demand' and TV services for a few months. Check your listings.
  • You can now stream the film - piped direct from YouTube.
  • You download the film! And the cool part? It's on a 'pay what you choose' basis. Yeah, like the tip jar concept - and we start from zero. And even better, there are no digital restrictions on it - so you can watch it wherever you like.
Download Vinyl

Coming soon:

  • DVD release (worldwide). 
  • MORE theatrical screenings.

I know that the naysayers will say the film will get hi-jacked onto torrent sites before the day is out, or that people are just going to download it for zero. But you know what, that's all cool. I know there are enough people out there that will continue to support the film and share it via Facebook and Twitter that things will be just fine. And we really just want people to see the movie. It's what counts.

So spread the word, using the hashtag #VinylFilm, and enjoy it! And thanks again for the continued support. This is why we do what we do.