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The Seven Five Nothing: Five days of costing nothing.

What's better than spending money on things? Getting those things for nothing... And so, to showcase version two of The Seven Five Nothing, it's free for the next five days.

Yep - starting now, you can download the book for your Kindle (or Kindle-reader app) for zero. Why? Well, when I trialled this at the end of last year, it was a kick-ass, and we crept into the the top 100 for free downloads, so it was pretty cool. 

And now that I've added another seven hyper-short stories to it, there's more to dig into.

So go take a look, and hey, even if you miss the free period, it's still dirt-cheap. But of course, free is indeed better...

Look here, and spread the word via your social networks etc. People will love you for it.

Rock n roll.