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Cleaning House

I've been trying to maintain multiple web-presences for far too long - two websites, a couple of Tumblrs, a WordPress blog, too many Twitter feeds to think about, and multiple blogs and Facebook pages. In truth, instead of finding the 'be everywhere' strategy a helpful one, I've found it starts to dilute the message. So now it's time to get everything straight.

The Project Bootleg site and my personal blog are now fused together. This is pretty much because everything I work on is Project Bootleg stuff, or at the very least, closely associated to it. So now you'll see the landing page is the blog feed itself.

In addition to this, the logo design has changed (again, I know). The reason is simple, I needed something that was much more versatile and that fed into what Project Bootleg is really all about.

The Bootleg Film Festival went through a similar refresh last year, so this is just another part of the puzzle.

There'll be plenty more added to the site shortly as I start to find fresh ways to push out new and existing projects - so stay tuned.

The blog will also be getting more attention as I start to wax lyrical about many new things that are happening for both me and the many other talented artists I work with and follow.

Rock n roll.