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Bootleg Film Festival is coming back!

In May of this year, I booked a flight to Toronto with my long-time friend and Bootleg Film Festival tag-buddy Gavin, to showcase the festival in it's very first overseas showing. At 5am, at the airport, I had the sweet surprise of two of my closest friends showing up, telling me that they were joining us on the trip. This was just the start of the adventure that was Bootleg Toronto.

It was a week of great laughs, lots of fascinating people, and of course, incredible movies. Anybody who was in attendance will know what I mean when I say it was very rock n roll.

So we've just locked some plans to hold the next Bootleg Film Festival in March in the ridiculously beautiful Edinburgh, and we'll be releasing details in the next few days. What I can say is that this will be the first of TWO events next year, and it's going to be held in collaboration with the excellent Write Shoot Cut, who have been incredibly supportive of Bootleg, and are already a helluva name on the city's film scene. So we're hyper-excited about this one.

At the time of writing, the festival's site ( is down as it gets a clean update, is back (but not quite ready for the new submissions), but don't worry, we'll have lots of details and information for everybody on the festival via the site itself.

In the meantime, you can check out a number of the highlights from Toronto in the video stream below. And you can also keep tabs on the fest via Facebook and Twitter.

* If you can't see the videos above, hop on this link to get right into watching them