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Vinyl - USA Release Confirmed

On this day, exactly two years back, I started shooting a film in New York City.

It's crazy really, not so much in that we went and did it, but rather that it actually worked. When I look back at the blogs I hastily wrote over the five days of shooting, I'm struck mostly by the sheer blind ambition of it all. And not just my own - I know how stupid/crazy I can be given the right set of circumstances - but also the actors who hopped aboard the project.

I show up at a restaurant on the lower East Side, to meet with two actors I've never met before in my life, to reassure them that, in a couple of days, we're gonna be making a film. The script is half-done, the equipment is boiled down to a Flip camera, the microphone is a borrowed field recorder, and I'm the only crew. When you tie in the fact that the other actor is still in London, shooting on another film, but that he'll be here soon, it all just seems a little nuts. And it was.

But it was amazing. It was a kickass adventure, and I made some wonderful friends in the process. I barely slept, because the task was so big, and I couldn't afford to skip a beat, and yet I never felt so alive before.

Cribbing from a blog I wrote during the shoot, I found this:
Making this film has been a blur. It it was a random idea, a quick phonecall, few emails and a flight over here. Somewhere amongst all of that, I worked out a script. What I now have is bigger than all of that, but as ever, I don't question it. You just go with it, and whatever it is, it is... Shit, it feels good to be a filmmaker again.
And so, after two years of struggle prior to that, trying hard to get another film made and finding it incredibly tough, making Vinyl with the rulebook thrown out was exhilarating.

Of course, its since been on it's own adventure, taking the prize for Best Drama at the 2010 Portobello Film Festival, and returning to New York last September for it's homecoming screenings.

So, today seems only fitting to tell you all that Vinyl will be releasing in the USA to many on demand platforms on April 17th 2012. You'll be able to get access to the film on the following:

OVERDRIVE/Institutional Market

As always, thank you for the constant love and support for this film. Everybody involved in the project has been a real source of inspiration whilst I've been hustling to get the film out to the world. And whilst you're checking out the movie, be sure to also check out Gillian's amazing album Flotation Device on iTunes. She very kindly lent a lot of her music to the film, and it really is just heart-shifting stuff.

Thanks again. And be sure to check out the film when it lands.