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Laundry: A Short Spin - A Long Haul.

Finally, Laundry: A Short Spin is finished. The film was shot in April 2009, but has taken a little longer than anticipated to cut to a shape that feels right and line up a musical score that works.

Based on the book I wrote back in the early summer, 2008, Laundry: A Short Spin is a riff on what it is to go through the broken heart process. There are plans to shoot Laundry as a feature film soon, of which I hope to put some details out soon.

Laundry: A Short Spin, stars Rosamund Hanson (This is England), Neal Craig, Cassandra Williamson (from my own Icharus Broken) and Nicky Lambert, who stepped in with two hours notice to fill the part of Maggie.

I can't stress enough how crazy and important it was for me to shoot this little film. At the time we made this, I'd lost pretty much everything and had been sleeping on floors, trying to find work, and fundamentally deal with a whole lot of chaos in my world. Getting this made was about getting my shit together and getting back on track - and it ultimately led to me making Vinyl less than a 12 months later.

Of course, I couldn't have made this without the talents of Daz Spencer Lovesey - my production partner - and Graham Williams. These guys came through when I needed it, helping me make this whole film for virtually zero. Props also to Sean Ford and Danny Romero who made sure I had nothing to worry about in the making of this movie. With such a talented crew around me, I could focus on getting the best from the actors, who all just shone.

Finally, one last set of thanks to all the artist who let me use their songs - you cats are great.

Enjoy the film. I look forward to rolling out the bigger version soon...


Check the movie out here.