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NYP (Tom lands)

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle showed up - Tom S landed.

I was feeling more toasted than ever this morning, completely not ready for another onslaught of NYC. There have been some screw-ups with my finances (mainly that I have none) and so being in a city that chews money, I've had to be frugal in a way that I really didn't want to have to be. You know things are close to the bone when you're counting every subway ride against each meal. But fuck it. I'm here to have fun and to get a movie shot. And now that we're all in the same postal code, things can start brewing.

Took Tom to see Times Square, though this was mainly just to say 'This is how crazy it is at it's most extreme - we won't be doing this much.' And besides, we shoot there first tomorrow, so it's necessary to take the sting out of the pinch in order to film the best scenes we can.

I think I'm gonna steal an early night tonight. We're back on the streets in the morning, and with it also being our first day of shooting, I need to get my head straight. Looking forward to seeing Tom, Luis and Gillian on screen together - something tells me their gonna burn holes all over it.

Time out time.