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NYP (post-meet/pre-shoot)

I'm absolutely burned out.

I've been in NYC just a day and-a-half, but it seems like it could have been a year-and-a-half. I get the same way about London, so this is not a strictly Empire Town thing. It's just the way it goes - this place sets its own agenda - you're just along for the ride.

I woke pretty early thanks to the time zone shift, and of course, I've been going to bed late. Last night I was such a blurry mess that I nearly fell asleep in McDonald's and managed to take the wrong train to the wrong part of town. Still, it doesn't take too long to relearn the feel of this place, the patterns to which it is set.

I hooked up with Gillian and Luis, two-thirds of the cast for the film, and it was good, honest, soul-fed conversation. I've always had a keen sense for who to put in my films, and with these guys, knowing the difficulties in trying to work a film from the other side of the pond, I just had to follow my gut. Of course, within a minute or two it felt like I'd known these guys for years, and so we're flowing into the grooves. I know that logic encourages caution in the place of the unknown, but there's a chemistry between these guys that I think is going to translate really well on screen. Once we get Tom into the mix as well, I just know that this thing is going to be superb. They all just seem to 'get' what I want to do with the film, openly embracing these characters who are not really that easily defined. I don't know - I guess it's hard to explain without turning this into some multi-thousand word thesis on the human condition and the role art plays in curing that. All I need to say is these guys were smart/crazy enough to trust me and my ideas, and now I just want to bottle some of this magic.

Tomorrow, Tom lands - can't wait to see him. This feels like an adventure that needs to be shared, and up till now, I've been holding back a little, just because I don't want to race too far ahead. It'll also help me to deal with my blues from missing Ro. She's been in India a week now, and she's carved such a big space in my heart that being without her has certainly been a strange feeling. Also, with Tom in town, I'll be using my camera more. Feel like I've shot the city all over before - this time I need a face in the pictures.

Okay - so time to leave this coffee shop. I can't risk falling asleep where I sit again. Oh yeah, I wanted to log this video as well. It's by Gillian Visco, the female lead in Vinyl...