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NYP (in transition)

It's ten-thirty-something, and I'm starting this in-transit blog on tube from Leicester Square through to Heathrow. Although I don't fly for more than 12 hours yet, I need a place to stay warm, and I've just had some good advice from Jonny: 'Don't spend the night in the cold.'

It's been a good eve catching up with an old friend. I'm borrowing some solid audio recording equipment, and took a ten-minute masterclass in just how to use it over coffee and bagels at Breakfast Club in Soho. Who knows, in a number of hours I might be taking breakfast in SoHo, just over the Atlantic.

I tend to tramp when I travel. Ro has identified this idiosyncracy in me - the desire to make sure I have the roughest time possible in any given situation. But I can't really explain it. Maybe it's that desire for a little urban-adventure, it's not healthy for me to get too cosy between Point A and Point B. I like to feel I'm heading somewhere, soaking up the things around me as I pass on through. Right now, it's all the sleepyheads sharing this tube-ride. By the time I get to the airport, it'll probably be the recycled air and the artificial lights in an environment that never truly recognises the time of the day. Whatever it is, this is a part of traveling that makes sense to me - just staying in motion and enjoying every part of getting lost.

An hour and so later, I'm at the airport. It's an oddly quiet place, but like Jonny said, it's warm at least. Time to lay my head on my bag and steal a couple of hours sleep. Next stop, NYC.


Location : Canberra Rd, Hillingdon, Greater London TW6 1,