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NYP (in the city)

So it ended up being 13 hours in that airport - 2 of them spent with my head cocked back on my shoulders as I tried to sleep upright... Not good. Especially when this was rapidly followed by 7 hours on a trans-Atlantic flight. My eyes feel like they're retreating into my skull.

But anyhoo, here I am, back in New York. And it was a strangely calm feeling, as everything that was familiar to me came back. Not just about this city in particular, but about travel in itself, and just how it makes you feel.

Catching the houses I passed on the Airtrain out of JFK - how different they look to ones I see back at home. The subway - no longer a scary beast like it was 3 years back - and even the familiar homeless guys getting on the train, asking for handouts from amongst the commuters - I'd forgotten that happens in Manhattan. It was all the familiar curios, coming back to remind me of what it is I love about hopping the Atlantic. I did the sums in my head earlier - this is the eighth trip I've done over the big blue pond (including a sojourn to Toronto) over the last eight years. Granted, a couple of years I've been doubling up, but it all makes up for when I don't get back here. New York is starting to feel like a second home. In fact, as soon as I was checked into my place for the night, I went searching for some good pizza - it was in my bones to just get on it.

But I'm not bedded in just yet. I need to treat this for what it is - an opportunity to get my creative ass back in the sling and hang out with my man Tom. I've been greasing out shots on the Flip camera, just to see what the footage plays back like. It's pretty good - an aesthetic I kinda like. Tonight, I'm just floating around, sampling the visual pantheon that is NYC after dark. It's not too shady for a budget consumer cam. Of course, the killer in all of this is going to be whether or not the performances truly stand up. I have faith (although it's mostly blind - I'm not meeting with two of my actors till tomorrow), and really, if the writing is any good, then this film should fly. I've been bold and gotten over that inbuilt fear of what it is to be seen on the streets with a video camera (you just look like you're up to some kind of trouble), but honestly, I'm gonna have to be bold.

I'll try and get a few snaps and maybe some audio shared as I put this thing together, but in the meantime, I think I'm settling with a name for it - Vinyl. I guess it's all about the aesthetic I keep harping on about, that deliberate small-scale approach. Doing something homebrewed, almost. In the bigger sense of it all, the very fact that I find myself here, right now, tapping out this stream-of-consciousness blurb about the film I've come here to make, well, it's testimonial I suppose. A standard point that they can pile the shit on your shoulders till it'll almost bury you. But if you're smart about it, you can take the blows and turn it into something that benefits you.

Tomorrow, I meet with two of the actors - Gillian and Luis. After that, it's all business.