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NYP (day off)

So today, a rest. Last night, I fell asleep with my head on the laptop - a sign that maybe watching dailies at 4am is not always a healthy thing to do.

Everybody needed a breather in the end I think. We'd been pushing hard for days, working all hours and running all over. I've been on and off so many subway trains, I've probably spent half my days below ground since I got here. The energy needed to tackle NYC is huge - you just can't come here and hope to be a wallflower. It's almost like the streets are moving beneath your feet and you just can't stop moving.

We finished off the last of the rooftop scenes yesterday - a solid one hour to shoot two very heavy moments - it was boiler room pressure. But we got it, and we got it good, that New York noise even playing it's part. Alarms going off, drills hammering concrete, two guys trying to fathom out their shit above the sky - it was just too good.

Next up was Luis and Marta - a different tone entirely, but again, just incredible. I've really lucked in but having three great actors around me, just ploughing through these internal monologues, churning out bitter-sweet moments on screen. The edit is going to be tough, but I can't wait to shape this film - it's come off way better than I could have ever hoped.

It was back to Manhattan for a bar scene last night - and another stolen favour in Gillian's friend Allie, who showed up to play a small (but crucial) part. We had to hang out in an Irish Bar (how very New York, right?) and steal shots all over the place. It was perfect. Then, Allie stepped up and did her bit - and it was just superb all over again. I don't know what I did right, but somebody out there has been good enough to make this film very plain sailing (touch wood, the last day works fine too).

So tomorrow is the last day of shooting. It's a long one, but we'll do it. Luis is owning his character completely, Tom is the wandering soul of it all and Gillian just breaks your heart with each word. For a script that is just six weeks old to turn into this, I think it just goes to show I should have been doing things my own way for quite some time.

Tonight, Gillian and her band are playing a gig, so we're heading to that. Being in New York has been a total dream. The filming has been wrapped around us wandering, laughing, dicking around, just having fun. I'll be sad to leave, but I'll then have Ro's return to look forward too. It's been two weeks since I saw her, and in truth, I just want to tell her about it all and hear everything about her time in India. This trip has made me realise a lot of things, both professionally and personally, and having people in your life who make you laugh till you crack a rib is important.

T x