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NYP (no sleep till Brooklyn)

I am operating on 90 minutes sleep, a new personal record I think.

Yesterday revealed itself to be another wonderful day, filled with crazy opportunities to just get creative.

We shot a really tender scene on rooftop, overlooking New York. In the distance, Manhattan and all it's monumental skyscrapers, reminding me that I had taken this crazy idea and made it real.

Thanks to Jonny's generosity, the audio equipment proved to be a lifesaver. There was so much wind kicking about up there, but with an impromptu woollen hat as a muffler, the sound came out like a dream. Which was good, because it was my first real time dealing with all the noise that the city likes to spew up. But with the weather on our side, it became a superb scene, lit just right, and with just the right amount of background sound.

When we did the take, it slipped out seamlessly - Tom and Gillian just knocked it out to the horizon. I hadn't been that excited by a moment on camera in a very long time. It just felt good to see it work so well, and honestly, when you see it in the film, I'm sure you'll get what I mean.

Today, we're back to the roof. Luis' scenes with Tom and Gillian, so it's going to be a tight few moments. And then, later, the party/bar scene - another scene I'm excited to see come together. This whole experience has been amazing - just liberating. After all the tears and drama of Nina Nobody's slow gestation, it's been a relief to just make a film on the hoof - especially when it's working this well.

Back to the streets shortly. I need to get some good sleep tonight. Of course, with money running out, I'm starting to have to make it up as I go along, but hey, you only get to do things like this once in a while - a little sacrifice is par for the course.