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NYP (start)

If I've managed this right, there should be a picture on this blog. I'm testing the waters as I try to be ultra-mobile-connected, and blogging straight from my phone. The shot is of Swansea, circa yesterday morning (I'm inside right now, otherwise it'd be from today).

This might seem like an odd start point for a series of blogs about my upcoming film project in New York - especially as I don't fly over there for another week - but this seemed as relevant a time as any to start talking about it all.

Ro (my very sweet girlfriend) left for London today. She flies to India in the morning and she won't be back for almost a month. When we first talked about it, me, in my infinitely reckless wisdom, saw the perfect opportunity to go fly off on a little sojourn to the USA. Sure, I was gonna miss her, but what better way of dealing with it than taking myself off on my own travels.

So before I know it, I'm all booked on a flight with my buddy Tom S, ready to go shoot a lo-fi film in NY. In the meanwhile, I connect with some talent across the Atlantic, and write a half-thought-out screenplay for them to amble through. I'm gonna be shooting deliberately small (video on a Flip HD Ultra and audio snagging on a borrowed Ediroll), and shooting like my life depends on it. There are certain moments where you stop and wonder how the hell you're going to make this shit work, but thinking about something will often make it go wrong. Better to jump in feet first and just hope you don't break your legs.

But there's a spike in the plan - my buddy Tom (and also one of my lead actors in the as-yet-untitled film) has landed a great acting gig and is going to be tailing behind a couple of days. I'm hitting the Big Apple alone. But it's all good - just a couple of days, and I've got shit to do anyhoo.

So now I'm flying solo, meeting everybody there, with a ton still yet to do. I'm gonna make Teany one of my first stops when I get to Manhattan, just to take stock and figure out how to get this film made.

Gonna try and snap shots and blog the whole adventure (filmmaking is always an adventure), so starting from now, this is prep time and readying time to go make something coherent and special in NYC. Let's just hope I don't fuck it up.