May 26, 2015

Elsewhere, NY: Official Selection for East End Film Festival 2015 and Other Films You Shouldn't Miss

Elsewhere, NY, directed by Jeffrey P. Nesker from a screenplay I wrote, is headed to the prestigious East End Film Festival this coming July for its European premiere.

Of course, every festival acceptance feels amazing, but this one is made all the more special because we're being joined by some fantastic friends and their movies at the event.

Firstly, there's Take it Back and Start All Over by my great friend and former Bootleg Film Festival collaborator, Neil Rolland.

Neil's been on quite the journey to realize his debut feature, and so first showing on the festival circuit is something special indeed. Telling the story of Jennie (Kerri Clarence), a former musician whose life and marriage is in a rut. But when she meets a charming guy with a guitar, things life soon forces her to take stock.

Find out more about this screening.

As part of the opening gala, there's Amit Gupta's delightful One Crazy Thing, starring my friend Ray Panthaki.

When Jay, a former soap star, finds himself on the wrong side of infamy, thanks to a regretful sextape, he puts himself into exile, running the family restaurant. But a random meeting with American stranger, Hannah (Daisy Bevan) reinvigorates him, and now it's just a case of how to deal with that tape.

Ray is an East End Film Festival alum, after his incredible film, Life Sentence, took the Best Short award at the event in 2013.

Find out more about this screening.

Also on the bill are many of the movies from this year's Cinequest, such as Julie Sokolow's charming and thoughtful Aspie Seeks Love, which took the Best Documentary prizes at both Cinequest and Omaha Film Festival this year.

Following artist David Matthews, a man who has spent the past 20 years posting personal ads on telephone poles, on his quest to find love after being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 41. Trust me, this is film is a real gem.

Find out more about this screening. 

Astraea, from Kristjan Thor, is a post-apocalyptic drama in which Nerea Duhart plays a telepathic teenager, trekking through the snow with her brother, looking for the rest of their family.

Visually, this is a stunning film, and Nerea is a talent to behold at the center of the drama.

Find out more about this screening.

Next up, Tom Meadmore's feature-length documentary, How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends points a camera fiercely into his own universe as he follows his girlfriend and his boss as they seek their own versions of success in Melbourne.

It's total 'warts-and-all' stuff as Tom's own insecurities become part of the film's own creases.

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Malady, from Jack James, is an affective piece, about a bereaved woman (Roxy Bulger) finding solace in a man connected via his own pain.

Industry tome Variety, cited the film's "fearsomely committed performances" and James' own cinematography as key to the film's success, so it's good to see the film finding wider audiences.

Find out more about this screening.

Killswitch is a fascinating documentary that takes the oft-obscure concepts of internet freedoms and controls, and turns the dial to clear.

Ali Akbarzadeh's storytelling skills are definitely on full display here, as he weaves the tale from political to personal via SOPA and the tragic death of Aaron Swartz.

Find out more about this screening.

Last but not least of course, Elsewhere, NY - the little film that we produced out of my small apartment in Astoria, New York.

I've written so much about the making of the movie, that, if you don't know it by now, you can easily read all about it right here.

For me, the biggest smile-maker in all of this is not just that a film we produced in my new hometown is having its European debut in the city of my birth, but rather that it's sharing a platform with so many films by amazing friends.

Best of luck to everyone at East End Film Festival 2015.

Web Drama: Looking for Kathleen

I recently had the opportunity write and and produce a small four-part web drama for Maria McIndoo to direct. Looking for Kathleen tells the story of Amy (played by Fiona Graham), a woman searching for her birth mother whilst tackling deep insecurities within her own marriage.

Steve Carrieri takes on the role of Amy's husband Nick, with Tina Alexis Allen as Ella. Rounding out the cast is Richard Gallagher (Orange is the New Black) as Kevin.

Fiona Graham as Amy

Steve Carrieri as Nick
Tina Alexis Allen as Ella
Richard Gallagher as Kevin
It goes without saying that from Pale Horses to Let It Go, working with Maria has been a total blast, so it's been a real pleasure to see her working on this project. The series will be debuting on Cinema Zero soon - watch this space - but in the meanwhile, be sure to check out

April 21, 2015

Elsewhere, NY takes a Gold Remi at WorldFest in Houston

I'm very proud to announce that Elsewhere, NY took the Gold Remi for Experimental Feature Film at the 48th WorldFest in Houston, TX this past weekend.

Fiona Graham was also nominated for her role as Christine in the movie, so again, huge congratulations are in order.

We'll be bringing more news on Jeffrey P. Nesker's feature debut over the coming months, but in the meanwhile, I'm just glad to see the little movie doing big things.

March 05, 2015

Elsewhere, NY: Official Selection for WorldFest Houston 2015

Fresh off the back of the successful US premiere at Cinequest Film Festival 2015, we're excited to announce that Elsewhere, NY has been selected for WorldFest Houston 2015.

Details of the screenings are yet to be released, but the festival runs from April 10-19 2015 in Houston, Texas.

Obviously, we're all really proud of Jeffrey P. Nesker's debut feature, and we're glad to see the film doing so well for itself.

February 20, 2015

Elsewhere, NY: Cast and Crew Interviews

With Cinequest Film Festival right around the corner, myself and the rest of the team behind Elsewhere, NY have been fortunate to be interviewed for the awesome Popcorn and Vodka film blog.

Check out interviews with the film's director, Jeffrey P. Nesker, myself and actors Gillian Leigh Visco, Andrew Leland Rogers, Andrew Ruth and Fiona Graham. The links are below. Huge thanks to Popcorn and Vodka for featuring everybody also - it really is a cool site, and there are a whole bunch filmmakers being featured there, so go check it out.

Of course, if you're at the festival, be sure to come say hi - I know we're all excited to meet as many folks as we can.
Oh, and here's that trailer again.

February 17, 2015

Elsewhere, NY: New Trailer

Ahead of it's US premiere at Cinequest later this month, we're really excited to share with you the newest trailer for Elsewhere, NY. Watch, love and share. You know the drill.

Featuring the track Foxtrot from the album Little Creatures by Vast Robot Armies (released on March 3 2015)

February 10, 2015

Luna Park Wins Viewer Choice at LAIFF Awards

Late last summer I went to Coney Island and shot a small film with Fiona Graham and Freddie Connor.

It was one of those sticky hot New York days, where the sea breeze offers only the slightest respite. As we walked along the boardwalk, myself doing triple-duty on sound, camera and direction, I knew I had to lean back and just let these guys do their thing. hoping that we wouldn't all fall apart under the beating sun. As it was, I had nothing to worry about.

Luna Park follows Carly and Jimmy as they reconnect after 13 years apart. Jimmy's going through a divorce, whilst Carly has left her old London life far behind. As the two spend a day together, hanging out amongst the tourists and funfair rides, it's soon clear that old feelings are coming back, and that maybe, just maybe, the past can wash away in the tide.

Well, less than six months since we shot the movie, I'm really happy to announce that the film took the Viewer's Choice prize at LAIFF Awards this past weekend, out in Los Angeles. Getting a prize is always an awesome feeling of course, but when that's down to people voting for the movie, well, it's all the sweeter.

Much love to everyone who voted, and indeed, to the team who helped not only get the film put together, but also out into the world.

Here's to a few more screenings of our little movie, which I hope you'll all be seeing real soon.